baking: holiday treats

Along with working furiously leading up to the actual day, (Christmas that is) I did manage to get some cooking and baking in. I made cookies, brownies and rice crispy treats, all classics and well loved, but I also wanted to try my had at some more candy making. So I got out a rolling pin and took out all my frustration with holiday commute traffic on a bag full of peppermint candies which I shattered into little tiny pieces. This was massively satisfying.

With those peppermint shards I made white chocolate peppermint bark. Super easy and tasty and also (I imagine) simple to tweak and change to be any sort of bark one might like. While I was sitting around melting chocolate and trying not to burn myself on the many pots I had precariously piled on the stove, I decided to make truffles again too.

These ones I did with a sort of 'faux ganache' which was mostly cream cheese and melted chocolate and criminally easy to make considering how decadently delicious it was. I of course had to package the results up in this cute mini mailbox tin that I picked up for a buck while waiting in line. I mean who doesn't like to get mail when it's chocolate?!

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