making: paper necklace

I found an awesome project in a book, about what else, books! at Anthropolagie for a wide statement neck piece made out of book pages.
I used an old encyclopedic dictionary and a zigzag circle punch that I picked up for a song on sale at Michael's .

First I punched out a large pile of circles and then used a mini hole punch to make them into 'beads' of sorts which I could then string on to the wire torque and chain that I had picked up in the sale craft section.

This was a super simple project to do, it took all of about one Holiday movie special to finish both necklaces, and just a few dollars in supplies as most everyone has old books lying around.

I particularly like the longer chain version, on which I isolated an illustration of a seahorse as one of the ends. I think I would like to try this project again using glossy colored magazine pages to see what sort of effect that would create. But all in all it was a very satisfying simple project.

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