making: a xmas hat

I know it's a bit past the holiday, but what with currently working in retail I have been rather occupied with the pre-holiday rush and the post holiday oh-my-goodness-I-spent-too-much-and-must-return-something. So I am just now getting photos of this mini project aired out here. Apologies for the delay.
As you may remember I found a little pile of vintage red birds at the flea market amidst a booth full of retro holiday decor, and I snatched them up pronto. I knew I would come up with something soon to do with them and quickly the opportunity presented itself in the form of a vintage white velvet flower hat a friend had passed on to me. Now I am quite a fan of hats and head pieces of all kinds as I believe it is a fabulous and not often explored place on which to add decoration to ones person so I of course was thrilled to acquire a new hat for my collection. And when I saw the bag of birds sitting next to the pretty new hat I thought to myself 'of course self, you should make a Christmas hat!' because who doesn't need one of those?
So I did.

It was astoundingly simple to combine these two vintage elements, as the birds had wires on their feet that I could wrap around the bases of each flower. Thus I could ensure that the birds would be stable in their perch for the day, and yet could be removed afterwards if I wished. And here is a gratuitous glow-y warm light overly filtered photo of the hat in progress.

And it caused a bit of a stir on the train, was much appreciated at work and amused my friends at the Christmas Eve dinner party I trooped off to afterwards. All in all I have to say it was a great coming together of materials, and I most definitely plan to A. make this had work for Valentines day and Easter with some modifications, and B. start wearing more hats in general. Because I can't think of any reason why not to?!

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