baking: pizza!

Just popping in real quick to say that homemade pizza is amazing. It is actually quite easy to do from scratch but if you don't feel so inclined or are in a hurry and want to grab just one thing I totally suggest the Bob's Red Mill pizza crust and bread mix. It even comes with a yeast packet and it's so easy and makes a delicious (regardless of one being gluten free or not) and rather delightful thin crust pizza. This and yet able to hold up the mountains of toppings that I like to add on.

And cheese. Because you see, I have discovered that when making pizza yourself you are in control of the proportions and if I had my way I would do twice as much cheese. So I do. That's right. I put sauce and cheese and toppings on my crust. Then after that I do ANOTHER layer of cheese. Because that's how I like it and I am the one driving the pizza truck as it were so my word goes.
And might I just add, when I'm driving the pizza truck it is delicious. Do try this at home.

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