Field Trip: Flea Market Awesomeness!

As always the glorious Alameda Flea Market opened up it's generous arms to me and showered me with it's riches. It's like a fantastic treasure hunt, where you never know what you will find in what corner. This time was no exception.
I found a booth of cute kitchen treasures cultivated by a cheery couple of sisters. In a pitcher was a set of vintage swizzle sticks topped with animals. There was a sign saying $10 which, in view of their awesomeness (there was a unicorn!!!!) was not too surprising, but upon questioning one of the proprietors of this bountiful booth I discovered that it was in fact $10 for the entire glorious set! My reaction to this news was to shout "I'll take them all" in an inappropriately loud voice and then jump up and down a bit. As I am collecting pieces for a vintage wet bar I thought that these were a fantastic find.

Next there was a great booth full of vintage Christmas decorations. The packaging on some of the ornaments was really awesome, so retro! In all that tinsel and kookiness I found a bag full of these red feathered birds. I snatched them up mighty quick knowing that I would have some use for them, at some time (and I have already come up with a fun project for them -more on that later).

Finally, this sweet little hand carved wooden box, and another old rhinestone piece for my collection. This time a necklace (I mostly have brooches and earrings) with a very pretty shape.

So hopefully these finds will bear fruit and lead to more fun creative projects and collections. As always the I recommend this particular Flea Market most highly, as it always seems to have the best finds, and the most curated collections from it's vendors. If you are in the area or have any chance to swing by in conjunction with the first Sunday of the month I cold not urge you to stop and visit enough. Trust me, you will strike gold at this one!

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