making: paint strip prints

I acquired these fantastic paint color wheels from and interior decorator and just had to come up with something to do with/on/inspired by them. So I decided to go rooting through my (rather impressive) collection of lino cuts, from various past projects and prints, and use them on the paint strips.

I tried some smaller ones with three similarly colored strips lined up and really like the way that those turned out.

Then I tried making a tonal patchwork out of some of the larger samples I had, erm, gotten for a 'possible painting project' at Home Depot over a series of properly spaced out visits. I made sure to use as many of the curved corners as I could mange include as I like the negative white space that they created.

I was really happy with the way that these turned out, I thought it was a super fun project to do, and I'm sure it would be interesting to play around with paint strips and smaller store bought rubber stamps as well. I would also like to make some really big patchworks and print over those as well. Like perhaps poster sized. Guess I have to head back to Home Depot again. And this time I'd better come up with a new and different 'painting project' story......


  1. Love those prints on color samples - they're all wonderful but I'm particularly fond of the honeybees.

    xxxooo - Candy

  2. Merry Christmas, Max! I purchased one of your prints last week from your 'rents as they passed through Petaluma. I got the bees -- love it. xo Susan