Everyone likes cookies. At least everyone in their right mind. And while I usually am a bit of a baking snob, as in, I look down on anything made from a mix. However, even I sometimes can't find the time to do the scratch. So if I have to whip up some super fast cookies the mix that I turn to is Pamela's. I have used their basic gluten free flour mix and their cake mixes, and I find that they have very good texture for being gluten free, and none of the odd bean-y flavor that can sometimes be associated by gluten free products. So if there isn't enough time to do cookies and you need to grab a mix, this is definitely the on that I would suggest.

Note: another plus for this mix, a non-gluten free friend pronounced them totally delicious. And apparently not at all gluten free tasting!
Oh and also HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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