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I am going to try to start something new here on this little forum-for-my-random-ramblings and talk about something that isn't new: eating. But eating at new places, or rather places that might be new to you. New to you but awesome and therefore you will thank me later for this random rambling or at least your tummy will because wow there is some delicious and fantastic grub out there that is little know and therefore not appreciated for it's genius. But it should be and I set out now with the gallant mission of righting that glaring wrong.
I will start with the often passed-over or downright not-known-about (it might not help that it's super hidden squeezed in between two places to the point where I almost miss it and I know it's super secret location)best-burger-in-town (at least according to me) that is Trueburger.
I actually discovered this place thanks to my mother constantly keeping an eye out for interesting things that are happening in the bay area and then passing that info on to me. She read the annual Bargain Bites (check that out here) in the Chronicle and highlighted everything she thought sounded good. This gem had a stunning writeup and I love me some deep fried potatoes despite the fact that they are so often a botched undertaking (too soggy, to thick cut, to creepily all the exact same size etc) so off I went and low and behold once we found it, the fries turned out to be 100% perfect!

That is one extensive menu while also getting right the point and doing the basics well and with style and pizazz. Using lovely fresh ingredients (I saw my patty being put on the grill, I saw a whole head of lettuce!!!) and doing awesome things like mix ins for milkshakes (toasted marshmallow anyone?) Trueburger gets it right. All with a surprisingly low price tag. I like to get a milkshake AND fries with my burger and I don't think this should break the bank, but I am willing to shell out serious bills for a really good version. However now thanks to this miraculous mecca of food perfection I no longer have that need, and I can take the money I save, and get extra fries! Which are, in case you haven't come to understand this yet from my waxing poetic all over the place, total perfection. The tiny bit of Irish in me is super into anything potato, and that Irish in me thinks these fries are sort of divine. The were slender and golden and yet also looked as if they had recently been a whole potato. And they held up to some serious dipping in a patented ketchup/mustard mixture, without falling apart, loosing form or getting mealy. Glorious. At some point angels might have descended from the heavens in a shower of golden light playing harps but I didn't particularly notice as I was too busy eating fries.

So check out the menu here (I like that burgers and fries are separate, this has always been a better format in my eyes as I think the fries deserve more than to just be seen as a 'comes with a side of' to their burger counterpart) and then after you wipe up the inevitable drool, stop messing about with the rabble out there styling themselves as the best and go and get yourself a truly good burger. Pun not intended but I will totally pretend it was!
Note: If you are not near the area and are not able to get a burger for yourself I apologize for the tummy tease. But seriously, come visit, if only just for the food!

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