making:halloween costume part three

Here is the last part of my long-in-creation nurse Halloween costume. The nurse hat. Which really is the most important part. I mean, costumes just don't work without a hat. Think of a hat-less witch? Doesn't work right?
So I googled 'nurse hat pattern' and found lots of different tutorials all of which seemed to link back to this pattern. So I printed out the pattern and bought some iron on interfacing and then I had the near impossible task of interpreting it. I mean it felt like one had to be in Mensa to actually figure it out. I was baffled, and confused and yet after what felt like I was banging it caveman style against a rock I finally figured it out.
And got this:

If you yourself ever find a need for a nurse hat and find yourself using this indecipherable pattern I would just say that the curved folded line is crucial. I know that might sound cryptic but if you were looking at the pattern it would make sense.
And here it is on me, with some victory rolls. Of course I will have some pictures from the actual event with all of the parts together so you can judge how well it came together for yourselves.

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