Field Trip: Alameda Antique Faire

What are all these people doing? Where are they going?

Why to the flea market! Or to use it's more sophisticated name, the Antique Faire. If nothing else I like to go to the once monthly Alameda Antique Faire just be able to get a look at other peoples collections. It's like reading someones mail. So fun. And I love that there will be such large groups of things. Whether it's costume jewelery (sorted by color! love) antlers, old posters or seashells. Also note some totally rad furniture that makes me wish I had a super decadent apartment to furnish. Enjoy my snap happiness:

And did I find anything in this expansive and endless maze of cool and weird things? Did I discover buried treasure amid the junk heaps? Why yes of course I did. I found the perfect dress for my Halloween costume (more on that later)

and also a really beautiful 50's flower brooch. It is yellow and cheerful and the size of the palm of my hand and it was shining out at me through a heap of junk. In conclusion, this is definitely worth making the trek. Check it out.

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