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The sun is out this morning, so after all that rain this news excites me! Looking forward to a lovely weekend and perhaps I will get up to some glorious shenanigans....
As far as food goes, I just discovered an awesome website that tries out items from secret menus around the area. This one if from the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen which is one more reason why I have to go to this place!!

With Halloween closing in fast I am thinking about costumes a lot. Jessica at What I Wore is coming out with tons of great tutorials for costumes that use mostly stuff you could find in your closet, which is great cause I read somewhere about old costumes filling up landfills somewhere and it made me very sad. This Rosie the Riveter is a super easy idea but check out the amazing Marie Antoinette she made as well.

And lastly this amazing installation work that caught my eye. I cannot believe that this is cut paper. Extraordinary.

And here's to a cozy weekend and perhaps some puddle splashing?!

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