making:suprise! last minute halloween costumes

So I know I've been showing lots of Halloween things over the last few weeks, but not a huge surprise to me, I am making more outfits still. Mostly because people know me as the one crafty person and so ask me to help them with their own costumes. AKA me make their costumes for them/take over. But really when have I ever been able to turn down an opportunity to cover things in glitter. I think its my calling!
So my friend finally stopped changing her mind about what she wanted to be and decided on Katy Perry from the California Girls music video. And she decided this last weekend, so I essentially had five days to pull this together. So I started out making lots of fake candy, and I decided how to make all this candy while wandering down the aisles at Michael's looking at all of the interesting materials that were available and thinking about what I could do with them.
For instance, I got some foam sheets, one in a blue glitter and one white, and sandwiched them together. Wrapped with plastic wrap and tied with ribbon they looked like cute sandwich candies.

Next I needed some round candies, in different colors so instead of paying for numerous foam balls to cover with glitter, I made some out of strips of leftover white fabric.

And then I covered them with glue and shook different colors of glitter all over them.

Then, even though it's not very accurate to the video, I wanted to do make candy corn, cause it's the most classic Halloween candy and I just had to do it.
And so I cut rounded triangles out of foam and painted them with yellow and orange stripes.

Then I covered them in glitter.

And I loved them! I really wanted to just wanted to cover the whole costume in them and throw out all of the rest.

And here is the finished corset in all of it's shiny glittery glory.

And because I just couldn't leave it there, I had to create some accessories for the outfit. First with a pair of glasses I covered in butterfly shaped sequins, and then doused in glitter.

And then a gigantic candy hair piece.

On a side note, I also made a Lady Gaga costume for myself to go with her Katy Perry, which I started whipping up on Thursday

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