making: finished banners!

So here we are at the final chapter of the saga of banners and all that is left is to package them up and they will be finished!
First I scored a fantastic encyclopedic dictionary at a thrift store to use in the back of the bags.

I designed a simple label and made copies and folded them ready to go. On the back of the labels I was able to list what each banner said and what colors it was.

The banners were packaged in regular zip lock sandwich bags with the top zip part cut off.

Then all I had to do was stuff everything into the bag, pin the label in place and sew across and voila! A big satisfying pile of something finished that I can cross off of my list.

And I like the way these look all finished up so much that I think I have to make more that are just colorful patterned shapes. Definitely circles and maybe hearts and diamonds as well? We will see.

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