(a bit late) three good things

I know I know it's super late, this being Friday and not Wednesday, and therefore there is no reason to celebrate getting over the so-called 'hump' referred to in the phrase 'humpday' as it's now into super-fun weekend time, still, I like keeping to a pattern, even if only sort of. So, without further ado, three nice reminders of why it's good to keep on carrying on.
One: it's always great to help a friend with a project. Particularly when they freaking out and exhausted, needing to finish by a certain time due to a deadline. My roommate took on some contract knitting work for a current cca student (a kids poncho, imagine that in these sherbert-y glorious colors) and needed held weaving all the ends back in from the uber-numberous color changes, and attaching the pieces together. It took quite a few old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a mid-work hot cocoa break (the marshmallows were a charming touch) to finish but the work was done. Win. It's comforting to be just the assistant as opposed to the driver of the crazy town train.

Two: I may live in a sort of odd (and loud-my neighbors often communicate in all-caps and use their cars as home stereos) neighborhood, and have a view of the sides of other apartment buidings out of most window, however, the kitchen looks out on some sort of plum tree, which was covered in delightful smelling white blossoms last month, and now is bright with leaves. And a fantastic motivation while doing dishes. Or just sitting on the miniature porch out through the kitchen drinking iced tea. Yum.

Three: seeing in 3D is awesome. I mean, we never really think about it but it's darn cool. And I mean, 3D movies are neat too. but the best part is the goggle-like glasses they supply. I feel I want to wear them all the time. Might come in handy if I ever need to, say, weld anything?

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