wednesdays three good things: girls night edition

Busy early parts of the week, full of errands and far away business meetings with long drives home accompanied by endless episodes of This American Life, I was ready for an evening of doing not much. So here is my glorious Wednesday veg-fest in three parts.
One: thrown together dinner. Five minutes spent making macaroni and cheese with spicy sausage and asparagus. All extraneous bits from the fridge/cupboard.

Two: Painting my toenails. It is (hopefully) getting to be sandal season and therefor toenail painting is important. And I, being quite mad, like to break out a teeny tiny brush for this (seriously this thing has like four bristles) and do silly things. Tonight, multicolor polka dots.

Three: Hair curlers. So retro, makes me feel like I've fallen into little women or something. And soft enough to sleep on. And now, forward troops, there is vegging to be had ahead!

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