by the way my roomate smells like vanilla

Not actually a very informative title I know but she is sitting right next to me as I write and watch really early episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the fact that she smells like cookies is distracting. Anyway, the rest of the weekend went off about as productively as I had planned, and restful. There was a bit of this:

And also time for this:

And while the soup was making the house smell all cozy and fogging the windows a bit I decided to update my 'dresser' of sorts. I use the quotation marks here because my so-called dresser is actually a wooden cubbies contraption that was made for me when I was in university to store my plentiful sweaters, and also some extranious art supplies, and I have since comandeered it to hold clothes.
However, it is a bit empty so I thought hey, what if it had drawers?

And instead of buying some baskets or something which would have looked perfectly nice and all but cost a bit of ca-ching and I'm currently trying to conserve, so I decided (naturally) I can make that. And so I did. And I covered the fronts in bages from an old book about speech and language.

And I even had enough energy to make some drawers for my bedside tables. Very matchy match but now I have a place to put my socks. So that's nice.

Oh and there was also some pie action. Rainy days are so good for baking. Over all I would say that's a very productive weekend.

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  1. the pink tea pot w/the pale yellow cups is purrfect