weekend breakfasts....

Interestingly enough, I didn't anything really this weekend but enjoy the sun a lot. Oh and get CPR certified (yes I am able to save lives now if the situation were to arise)but I did seem to have a lot of breakfasts for one weekend. And at interestingly non-traditionally breakfast-y times of the day.

Like a batch of ricotta walnut pancakes as a late night dinner. Served with bananas and strawberry sauce I might add.

And some perfectly crisp and seasoned potatoes, with eggs and toast and orange juice. Eaten in the afternoon (though in all fairness it was the first meal of my day, so therefore, if could be argued, was still breakfast).

Next thing you know I will be having pasta or salad for breakfast. Though in many cultures morning foods don't differ as much from dinner as in America. The sweet-in-the-morning thing is just so difficult to let go of though. I mean, what would the world be like, without waffles??!!

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