more lamp wednesday

First I made about a billion star-shaped shortbread cookies, which I then poured chocolate ganache over them, and let me tell you the star was not a good shape to make shortbread cookies in, as shortbread cookies at their finest should be buttery and crumbly and all those little edges just caused them to fall apart that much easier. Now I know why most people use biscuit cutters instead of pretty shaped cookie cutters. Still they tasted good. So good in fact that they were consumed before I could photograph their chocolate-draped goodness.

I also wore this awesome skirt I found at goodwill (I know, I was just going to drop stuff off that my roommate was getting rid of but when I see 1/2 off everything spring sale my powers of resistance quaver a bit) and it is particularly glorious due to the spacious pockets it's got. My biggest complaint as a regular skirt-wearer is the lack of pockets, and therefore places to put ones stuff, cause that's what pockets are for but here's a skirt with pockets, so bonus! Problem solved.

Oh and finally, I made another lampshade, this one much smaller but with larger petal shapes, for which I used felt (made them less transparent and a bit more dimensional)and again with the looking cool all glow-y side effects.

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  1. love this shade.....I'm thinking of a stand and a way to make more......