weekend recap

It was such a lovely sunny warm weekend I was unable to drag myself off the porch/out of the sun/from under the plum tree and various other summery locations, to sit and write about what a nice weekend it was. But playing catch-up is at least possible.
I visited the Laney College Flea Market for the first time since last summer and was a bit disappointed by the majority of the vendors who seemed to be selling toiletries and socks which had 'fallen off the back of a truck' and not many of the 'piles of junk' variety which I so like to dig through (and then some liberal use of hand sanitizer- and possibly tetanus shots -post dig)though I did manage to luck out, and wander across 'the bag lady' and find this lovely collection of leather belts. AND my fellow flea-marketer Brandon, bartered like the pro he is and got the price way down on the group of them.

I have too many belts but that's besides the point. Maybe I should start learning how to tool leather....hmmm...
Anyway, say hello to the most awesome rhinestoned owl buddy ever. Picked him out of a pile for peanuts cause a few of his rhinestones are missing. No problem-o as he still surely is shiny enough for me.

Now I found this entertaining, so I figured I'd share. I usually go grocery shopping after work. Which means that it is well past when I've had lunch, and inching ever nearer to a dinner-time hour, and I am, there-fore, grocery shopping while hungry. Nay even famished you might say. So I have to work real hard not to purchase every and all foodstuffs in sight. For instance, I use a basket and never a cart, as I know that when it is full, I have enough. Usually. If I got a cart not only would I inevitably get the one with the squeaky wheel that only wants to turn right, but I would fill it up with more food than my roommate and I could possibly consume before it turned and then it would go bad, and that would be tragic. So I limit myself to shopping baskets only, and suffer the resulting elbow-bruises. But this week, don't know if it's a longing for a more definitively spring-like weather or that I am secretly part rabbit, but I thought that I would share what one of my shopping bags looked like:

That's right. It's all vegetables, they are all green, there are even more under the asparagus you can't see in this shot. So, the conclusion I draw is that my grocery store impulse buys, are veggies. Funny.
And lastly, a sneak peak of something I just started and (hopefully-and maybe egged on by this)will have finished soon! (fingers crossed)

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