wednesday good things

Was very tired from work this evening, and it wasn't easy to, but still, I put on my apron (after taking off my shoes at least) and made dinner for the roommate, spaghetti and meatballs as per her request.
First, sauce, which as you may be able to see here, made quite a mess burbling and splattering all over the place, but was super yummy with peppers and roasted garlic, though maybe a bit thin?

Next up were some (experimental) meatballs I'd taken from a recipe on the food network website for baked meatballs. Figured they couldn't b all bad what with them having spinach, garlic and Parmesan cheese mixed in. I was a little bit dubious about the technique however.

As you can see, the directions called for them to be formed, rolled around in breadcrumbs until fully coated, then placed in baking cups and put into a very hot oven for a short amount of time. Odd but it seemed to work. Sure it was different from how I usually make them but one doesn't wish to fall into a rut now does one?
And finally, my evening ended with some of this:

Imagine that. Starting with just one paper globe lampshade and an $8 pendant light kit from Ikea, I was able to turn several hundred, possibly thousands, of circles of yellow drafting paper, and a hot glue gun and just a few hours (well several) I was able to make this......monstrosity (I say that with affection). Which double bonus points both makes a really good light to work under (roommate) and is diffused and not super bright (me). Oh and it looks super cool. Particularly when it is lit up and all glow-y.

One project start to finish, about a billion more to go. But who's counting.

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