spring cleaning and nautical cupcakes!

So, second day of my weekend, lets see how I've done. If you remember how my desk looked, hopefully it will never look that way again. No promises but fingers crossed. I started by taking everything off of it and cleaning the top of the desk (scraping ink and paint off was very fun) then looking at everything that was causing mess before deciding what I would need to help me organize it. My conclusion was that a filing cabinet was no longer something I could do without. So I swung by the ever helpful target and was thrilled to find a small enough two drawer to fit under my desk and it was the last one and it was on sale and light enough for me to carry to the car without foot-crushing incident. win!

Now all of my decorative and colored papers, old prints and photographs and various other ephemera that continuously collected in bins and baskets without reason, can be perfectly organized and located without any problem. This was a major fix for me, to have all of my paper cohesively located, and spurred me on to even greater desk organizing heights. And now, the much neglected just-shove-the-mess-to-the-side-and-keep-working desk, has become this glorious and uber clean masterpiece:

Makes me want to get right to work.
On another note, in addition to cleaning my desk (and the bathroom and kitchen but I won't get into that, because although satisfying now in their post deep-clean state, the tale of how they got to that is one of elbow grease and not much else interesting) I also baked for a friends yacht themed bon voyage/birthday party.

Just basic vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. But I decided to color the frosting (cream cheese this time instead of butter-cream) and that was a fun experiment. Never turn a past color theory student loose with food coloring and white frosting. I labored over these blue and green shade for a rather alarming amount of time.

And then of course a little nautical piping. I wore blue and white stripes, a peacoat and anchor earrings and the cupcakes were well liked by all.

And so to the rest of my weekend list. Its still sunday afternoon and there are 24 useable hours in every day and I've already run my errands, before the rain set in heaviest, so it's time for some soup, and apple pie, and listen to This American Life and maybe work on another project. Now, to the craft-mobile!


  1. looks like enough cupcakes for the Royal Navy! yo ho ho

    was there rum involved?

    your clean desk is inspiring ... I'll give it a try xoxoxoxoxoxox