weekend to do list

Yeah, that's what I call a good old-fashioned mess.
And for someone who professes to be an obsessive neat-freak, well it's far more mess that I am comfortable with, or happy with. It's time to get this under control. It's time for a healthy dose of spring cleaning, with particular focus paid to my work space. Hopefully if the art-making space is clean, the making of art will happen naturally. Fall into place and all that. I need to get some serious stuff done.
Also some general house cleaning is an order. Hopefully the weather remains sunny and warm and I can throw open all the windows tomorrow and air the house out a little. Perhaps 'acquire' some rosemary and jasmine from a neighborhood walk and hang it in bunches around the house for it's aromatic-ness.
Additionally, there are a few projects on which I would like to focus. I need to fix my dresser, or dresser of sorts, and update the lampshade in the living room. With cutouts perhaps? we'll see. And there is an embroidery project on which I would like to reach a more complete place. Or rather, as it's a large group/series finish one or two so that I can see how they look when done.
I wouldn't even be writing of my disorganized shortcomings, however, I feel the need to stimulate my inner martha steward/june cleaver hybrid, and act now. Perhaps I will be more compelled to complete my list of projects if I put it out there, and am therefor motivated to complete tasks out of embarrassment if nothing else. Good idea? or setting myself up for a big fail? Stay tuned to find out and fingers crossed this gamble proves productive......


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